Phire CMS : Open Source Content Management System

Phire CMS

Member Session & Content Control:

For an in-depth control of what a public user sees versus what a private member sees, you can use the [{sess}] placeholder like the example below. In this example, the first block is the private content that the member will see, and in the second block is the public content that the public user will see.

    You are current logged in as [{username}]
    Please login.

For Mobile or Standard Presentation:

With Phire, you can control whether or not a user sees the full site or the mobile version by passing these $_GET parameters:

/PAGE_URL?mobile=true  (Force mobile presentation)
/PAGE_URL?mobile=false (Force standard presentation)
/PAGE_URL?mobile=clear (Clear session variable)

Miscellaneous Elements & Styles:

In certain cases, Phire will render system-specific elements within the page content and they will be labeled with certain attributes to allow you to style them however you need. Here's a list of those elements and attributes as they apply:

For Forms, Errors or 404:
<label>, class="required"
<div> or varied, class="error"
For Comments:
<div>, id="commentHeader"
<div>, id="commentFooter"
<div>, id="commentPageFooter"
<table>, id="commentTable"
<div>, class="comment"
For Members:
<form>, id="memberForm"
<table>, id="memberTable"
<form>, id="forgotForm"
<table>, id="forgotTable"
<div>, id="logOut"
For Search Results:
<form>, id="searchForm"
<div>, id="searchContent"
For Sections:
<div> or varied, id="sectionShort#ID#"
<div> or varied, id="sectionLong#ID#"
For Events:
<div>, id="eventContent"
<h3>, class="eventHeader"
<div>, class="eventDiv"
<div>, class="eventInfo"
<a>, class="eventLink"
<a>, class="mapLink"
For Tags:
<div>, id="tagContent"
<ul>, id="tagCloud"
<a>, class="tagListLink"
<div>, class="tagResult"
<a>, class="tagTitle"
<a>, class="tagCloudLink"
For Submit Buttons:
<input>, class="submitBtn" (value set to action, i.e. "Submit")