Phire CMS : Open Source Content Management System

Phire CMS

Once you have Phire CMS installed, you'll find it very easy and intuitive to use right out of the box.

Accessing & Using the System

Once you have successfully installed Phire, you can access by going to the system folder off of the domain name and base path of your site. For example:

Once there, you can simply enter your username and password and be on your way.

Mobile System Access

You can actually visit the same URL on your mobile device, and if mobile system access is turned on in the system configuration, it will redirect you to the mobile version of the system.

Some Basics

Once logged in, you'll see the dashboard of the system that briefly summarizes the system, its recent content and activity. Here are a few things to note and some key concepts to review before you fully dive into the CMS.

Throughout the system you'll most likely see a consistent set of select drop downs that are labeled "Add to Site" and "Section" (depending on where you are in the system.) If you have multiple sites in the system, the "Add to Site" drop down will allow to you control which site the content or asset is assigned to and displayed under. The "Section" drop down simply allows you to assign the content or asset to a section for a grouped display within the site. Sections apply to pages, files, images and events. Sections are particularly useful to group items together, such as pages for a blog, images for a photo album or events for a calendar. We'll cover more about this under Sections.