Phire CMS : Open Source Content Management System

Phire CMS

The extensions of Phire CMS are what help make it more than "just another CMS." Through themes, any user can easily interchange the look and feel of their website. Through plugins, and developer can easily extend the functionality of the CMS. And all of these extensions are readily available here for download for you to use.

Due to the approach of extensions in Phire, there is more of a clear separation of concerns regarding how themes and plugins are managed. The goal is to allow for the rapid design or development of an extension and to have a clearer definition of things so no one has to step outside of the comfort levels if they don't want to. Designers that aren't ready to tackle PHP don't have to and developers that aren't interested in HTML don't have to mess with that either.

Of course, that being said, we definitely encourage people to dabble outside of their comfort levels. How else is anyone going to learn anything new?!