Phire CMS : Open Source Content Management System

Phire CMS

For the average user or designer, Phire CMS is a very easy-to-use CMS that has many standard features you see in today's content management systems, plus many more. From the start, you can very quickly get a website up and running and be on your way to creating and updating whatever content you need for your site.

For the developer, Phire CMS is built on the very popular MySQL/PHP stack. It's built for PHP 5.3 but is backwards compatible to PHP 5.2.6 as well. At the core of the CMS is the object-oriented Moc10 PHP Library, and it also utilizes the Jax JavaScript Library for client-side scripting to enhance the overall user experience.

The base of the application can easily be extended well beyond any of the “out of the box” features, which gives the CMS great power and flexibility. So whether you want to write a plugin or simply write some custom code, it's incredibly easy to get Phire to do whatever you need it to do.