Phire CMS : Open Source Content Management System

Phire CMS

Phire CMS was simply born out of the idea of doing something a little bit different, a little more streamlined and perhaps even a little better. After spending a few years watching various publishing platforms grow and expand their core features, yet still finding some shortcomings with some of them, Phire was started by the simple question, "What if?" We simply took a hard look at what were some of the pluses (and minuses) of the popular CMS's out there and took to the task of consolidating many of the features users have come to expect all under one roof. We also looked to improve upon those "minuses" or just find a way to eliminate them altogether.

At the same time, we kept a pulse on the growth and development of the popular technologies out there, and we felt this would be an excellent time to push forward a CMS that works with some of the newer technologies out there, such as PHP 5.3. We were able to develop this CMS to support PHP 5.3, but maintain a backwards compatibility to PHP 5.2.6. We have a strong feeling that at this juncture, it's safe to put a stake in the grown and embrace the current state of PHP. In other words, we're sorry to inform you that you won't find any support for PHP 4 here.

As for the name, Phire, the original code name for the project was Phoenix. And as we drew closer to the launch date, we discovered some potential namespace conflicts in the market, so we quickly went back to the drawing board and the name FireCMS was first suggested, and then changed to Phire to, yep, you guessed it, emphasize the PH, as in PHP. Aren't we so clever?