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Introducing Phire, the new open source CMS on the block.

Phire CMS is a feature-rich, open source CMS that you can easily use to run any type of website, from a simple blog to a full-fledged website. Built on the ever-popular MySQL/PHP platform, the CMS installs and runs on a wide variety of server stacks. All of the standard features you would expect are built into the CMS, plus many more. Download Phire Now!Try the Live Demo!

Phire CMS v 2.0 Is Close!

November 12, 2013

Phire CMS v2 is very close to an official beta release for testing. Currently, we are finalizing the extensions development portion of the functionality (themes and modules.) You can follow the progess on the GitHub repository here. Stay Tuned!

Phire CMS Hits 2,500+ downloads

February 1, 2012

The latest version of Phire CMS, v1.1.2, is available for download. Phire CMS continues to gain some traction and has now been downloaded over 2,500 times. Thank you for the support, interest and feedback so far. It is truly appreciated!

A Refreshing Approach to Content Management.

The approach behind Phire as a full-featured CMS is familiar, yet different. As you can see by the features overview list to the right, Phire has some familiar CMS "standards" included as well as some new features built-in, right out of the box. The goal is to try and provide you with a pretty robust feature set from the start. Where other publishing platforms may have plugins or extensions that you have to download, add-on and/or configure to use certain features, Phire gives you those features at your fingertips from the beginning.

What that means to the designer or non-developer is that you'll find a lot of familiar CMS-like features that are easy-to-use or vastly improved. From the developer standpoint, you'll find an application framework that is well-structured and easy to understand. And of course, if the features "out of the box" aren't robust enough for you, the CMS can easily be extended.

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